How to Shave the Back of Your Neck

Hair grows at an average rate of a half inch per month. That means within a week fo your haircut, you're already seeing some growth from your neck hairs that are making you look not so fresh.

It can be difficult to groom this area because you can't see it and it's not worth the risk of ruining your haircut completely. But with an average of 5 weeks between haircuts, you can't just ignore it completely. 

Luckily, you can easily fix this problem and shave the back of your neck in between haircuts with the EdgUp Neckline Shaving Template

Here are the 6 steps to shave the back of your neck:

      1. Comb your hair downward
      2. Position the EdgUp Neckline Shaving Template at your desired height on the back of your neck
      3. Tighten the elastic strap so that the EdgUp is held firmly in place. 
      4. Make sure that the template is forming a straight line. You can use a mirror to assist with this step if necessary.
      5. Trim or shave the back of your neck following the line created by the template
      6. Remove the EdgUp and rinse it under water before storing

Simple and done in under a minute. You are prevented from making mistakes thanks to the template and now you can look your best whenever you choose. 

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