How to Make Your Haircut Last Longer

Most guys get their hair cut every 2-6 weeks depending on the length and style. Seeing your barber frequently can become time consuming and expensive, but waiting too long just means you're not going to look how you want to. The solution: learn how to maintain your haircut by yourself. Follow these steps to make your haircut last longer. 

1. Get the Essential Tools

2. Clean Up Your Sideburns

First use your electric trimmer and trim up the bottom edge of your sideburn so that it’s straight and at a length that you like. A good general guideline is that your sideburn should be parallel to the middle of your ear. 

Then, comb the hair of the sideburn towards your face; use your scissors to trim these overgrown hairs along the vertical hairline of your sideburn. You can also do this with your trimmer, but it tends to turn out best when done with scissors.

Repeat this process, this time combing your sideburn hairs the other way, towards your ear, and then trimming these hairs along the hairline. If there is hair covering where the curve of the top of the ear starts, trim that too. It’s possible to use your electric trimmer to cut all along the arch of your ear, but that’s slightly more difficult. 

Then repeat on the other sideburn.

3. Trim Your Neckline

This part can be tricky to do on your own since you can't see your neckline and mirrors make everything backwards. You can either ask a friend of loved one to do it for you, or you can use the EdgUp Neckline Shaving Template to eliminate potential mistakes. Just stand in front of a mirror, holding your trimmer in one hand and your hand mirror in the other so you can see the back of your neck in the mirror that you’re facing.

Then move your trimmer in upward strokes until it meets the hairline created by your barber.


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