How to Impress in a Job Interview

Ah, the dreaded job interview. One hour of your time to be judged on the story of your career to see if you're in, or you're out. Not only does your story matter, your appearance plays a huge role as well. 

When deciding what to 

Make no mistake: appearance matters. A lot. Here are 3 great reasons why you should dress to impress:

  • First Impressions Count — Books are unfortunately judged by their covers. People’s decision-making is deeply influenced by visual stimulus, and the first look an interviewer takes at you determines a lot about what they think of you. Are you clean cut? How's your haircut? Are you wearing a suit? Is it wrinkled?
  • Show Your Worth — Dressing well demonstrates basic competence and attention to detail; you’d be surprised how many interviewees can’t even do that.
  • Boosts Self-Confidence — There’s an internal boost to match the external appearance. Have a fresh haircut, dressing well and a power pose before you walk in can do wonders for your confidence.

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