How to Cut Your Own Hair (Men)

More and more men are cutting their own hair thanks to better tools that are easier to get. The ability to cut your own hair puts your in control of your grooming and can help you save time and money. Men who cut their own hair find it much easier than they initially expected. If you have a short or medium length style, this is the best way for you to cut your own hair. 


  • Electric, adjustable hair clippers
  • Barber shears
  • EdgUp Neckline Shaving Template 
  • Mirror


  1. Rinse your hair and quickly towel dry it. This will help you get a better feel for the length of the hair all around and result in a more even cut. 
  2. Start with the lower portion of your sides and back. These hairs will be cut to a shorter length than the rest of the head. Make sure to get the sideburns, around the ears, and the neck. 
  3. Set the clipper to one point higher in its scale, and trim the upper portion of the sides and back. So if you did a "2" on the lower portion, do a "3 or 4" on the upper. This will help create a blended/faded look.  
  4. It’s now time to clean up the edges with the EdgUp. Grab the shaving template and position it at the desired height on the back of your neck. Then, shave or trim the back of your neck. 
  5. With your shears, cut all unwanted hair around your ears.
  6. You can now blend the sides in with the top. Use your scissors and carefully cut around the top edges of your sides until you have eliminated the neat line previously created by the clippers.
  7. The last step is to adjust the length on the top. With the index and middle fingers of your one hand, hold up a lock of hair and use your other hand to chop with shears at the desired length. Repeat the process lock by lock until the job is completed.

Now you can rinse your hair and make sure all is looking good. If you followed these steps and utilize your mirror, you should have a solid looking haircut all done for no cost and in the comfort of your own home. 

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